Welcome to Vy’s story

[ppwp id=”” class=”” passwords=”123″ whitelisted_roles=”noone”]When meeting a 22-year old girl, what do you think about first? Her name, her characteristic, her status, her appearance or the stories she’s gonna tell you?[/ppwp]

Everyone confronts many problems before achieving great success and so do I.

I am Vy, 22 years old, a true daydreamer who always imagine what I will achieve and who I will become in the future. I would admit that I was at an advantage because of the great education I had received from my parents. Growing as always a good student, I thought everything was pink and peaceful until I failed my university entrance exam. That was one of the most important turning points in my life and the main reason why I studied at Keuka College and majored in Business Administration. 

My knowledge, skills and mindset have been broadened considerably since then. I had great opportunities to practice my presentation skills, teamwork and planning skills and to be guided by many excellent American professors. I believe that everything happening to me has a reason, whether it is success or failure.  It certainly matters if you look at those things positively because there is always a light at the end of the road.

Hobby is the most important factor making my life better.

When it comes to my hobbies, I have a fancy for swimming simply because it helps me keep fit and live a well-balanced life. Since I used to be a lazy girl, sitting in front of the computer all day long, I would better live a healthier life by doing this sport. However, due to my busy study, I haven’t enjoyed this hobby since I was 18.

I am also really into watching American reality shows and movies because I assume that it is beneficial for boosting my English level and amusing myself a lot. I tend to spend my free time on activities that help me improve and develop in different areas of the business and self-improvement. Reading books, watching educational videos or talking with inspiring people are more likely to give me a positive and boundless energy.

If I have to choose one person to describe, that person is always my mother.

My mother who is the most inspiring person I’ve known always teaches me a useful lesson: Be independent and confident. As a girl, I need to be independent financially and mentally, which is my goal I have tried to achieve. Whenever I go down or feel unmotivated, she is the first person who wakes me up and strengthens my motivation.

About my plan, I will try to gain my experiences in sales and marketing areas and work in professional and effective working environment. Improving my weaknesses, continuing broadening my knowledge and learning how to balance work and personal life are my top priorities.

That’s all my story. What about you?