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A WordPress blog, in its basic form, has four main areas. These areas appear in the default theme that comes in every version of WordPress:

  • Header: This area usually contains the name of the site along with the site tagline or slogan. Sometimes, the header also contains a graphic or image.
  • Body: This area is where the main content of your website appears, such as blog posts displayed in chronological order.
  • Sidebar: This area is where you find lists of blog-related elements, such as the blogroll, the archives, and a list of recent posts.
  • Footer: This area, at the bottom of the page, often contains links to further information about the website, such as who designed it, which company provides hosting for the site, and copyright information.


These four areas are the absolute bare bones of a basic WordPress blog template. You can extend these areas and create new sections that carry more information.

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The default WordPress theme is called Twenty Seventeen, and it’s a pretty doggone wonderful starting point for you, especially if you’re just getting your feet wet in web publishing.

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