From Ha Thai Nguyen

be nice, be kind and be humble

You can call me Thai Ha. I am prefer called like that, combo middle name and first name also.

My hobbies are reading book, writing short story. My favorite author is Banana Yoshimoto. You can look for the novel kitchen and fall in love with her words recently. Click here to read the book review if you consider: Kitchen by Banana.

Some day, while it was raining, I thought a little bit about my wish list and my to do list, I quickly realize there is the connecting between 2 lists, but it is too weak. I think I have to make my ideal run to my hand.

Luckily, when I work for YMESE, I see this connection is stronger, it is the reason I choose this job. I think in the present, Ymese work place can help me. On the other hand, I am hard at work to reach a good result (at least, not bad result).

It is nice today, thank you for reading,

Thai Ha,

Ps: some music? ok, click here: hai chung ta

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